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Canon Update Application - Contain SPOILERS for Naoya's route (DeSu vanilla)
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AU: Atsuro's Route - Discarded from SMTDR use, used for Luceti's AU experiment
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In Devil Survivor, beside the whole King of Bel thing and why Kouki went with Naoya's plan, there's certain and very relevant spoilers that was revealed in the 7th Day of the game on Naoya's route. That, as well as events that happened on that day and afterward, might get referenced by Kouki, either from his mouth or by the player in action tags.

Since some players might get the 3DS remake of the game in August, here's the permission post to tell me if it's okay for me to SPOIL YOU.

Assuming you didn't just up and read the canon update app

Mun: Self-explanatory
Character Name: Self-explanatory
Spoilers: Y/N
If Y, how much spoilers?: Battles? Plot revelations?
Other: Questions, comments, bribes, threats, whatever here.

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Want to thread with Kouki but one or both of us don't want to put up a new post/log just for it? Can't wait for him to make a post for the interaction? This post here is for threading it out at anytime, anywhere.

When making a thread, please be sure to label it in the subject as so:

[Action, February 20th]
[Voice, March 12th]
[Written, August 30th]
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Activity log for [community profile] luceti activity on DW-only.

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[Kouki’s return from his kidnapping was quiet and unceremonious. While he’s relatively well and in one piece, physically speaking, but it’s nothing compared to how he feels on the inside. To be very frank, he’s pissed. The young demon overlord may seem calm on the outside, but his anger was currently, and forcibly by his will, a simmering sort of anger. No matter how tempting it was to let loose and vent in the forest, Kouki would have to wait until he reach the Battle Dome.

Until then, he has other things to think about first instead of himself. Like checking on his friends and his cat.

Well, he planned to until he flipped open his journal as he walked back towards the village… Only to stop and stare at the blank pages. His fingers started flipping through the journal for the older entries, finding more and more blank pages. There’s only a few possible explanations.

Either the Malnosso want to erase history and important journal posts, or there’s an experiment going on.

What brilliant timing he got. First he spent his third anniversary in this world while kidnapped, and now he returned in time for a likely experiment. Might as well confirm what’s going on and hope the journal’s features was still intact. His voice was calm, and the journal would pick up some sounds of him quickly walking in the forest.

Kouki Wakahisa here. Can someone tell me what’s going on?

[This time. Whatever’s going on this time have a higher priority than his anger about his memories being played with during that illusion last month.

Once he finally arrived at the village, Kouki immediately head to his apartment at CH7’s second floor to check on his cat. After confirming her well-being, he keep an eye on his journal before leaving for the village plaza. The plaza was a natural gathering spot for people, so he can watch people and even talk to them.

A young man with black wings and a pair of cat ears-like headphones (or weird head gear, if the technology was unfamiliar to anyone, or they might believe it’s his real ears) was walking around the plaza and looking at people. If he spy anyone looking very confused, or doing something strange, Kouki would call out and approach them.

More so if they're people he knew.

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[At school, Classmates may notice Kouki’s carrying a very full bag. Fuller than normal. Any attempts at asking will earn them a smile, followed by “It’s a secret” from him.

After school, Kouki immediately head out towards the store to pick up something. It’s something he’s been meaning to do since he first found out about Yotsuba’s departure, but… admittedly he put it off due to other distractions and plain procrastination. But not any more.

It’s with a smile that he opened up the journal and speak to the village at large.

Hey, this is Kouki Wakahisa. For all New Feathers, welcome to the village and I hope you’re settling in okay. I can’t offer you guys much that other people haven’t already covered yet. But if you want to be friends, or even have a chat, I’d be up for it.

[But that’s not what he’s opening the journal for.]

In any case, if you guys like to see something silly but fun, come by the playground behind the school. It’ll be here until the sun start to set for the day. [The season’s been getting warmer, and summer should be here next month. Which mean the day’s getting longer.] Just don’t step on them while they’re going around. Some walking toys aren't all that durable.

[What walking toys? If anyone’s curious, they can come and check it out.

At the playground, there’s a number of animal toys walking around the playground, almost in a march. At the front of the group was a stuffed elephant, taking the lead. Watching them nearby was Kouki, who’s smiling at the view. From time to time, he’d walk over and recast the animation spell on a toy that’s about to run out and turn back into a normal toy.

It’s a pretty simple, harmless thing to make the toys move around. But Kouki did plan on showing this to a certain little girl. But unfortunately, Yotsuba’s gone...and he’d have to make up for it. Showing them to other people can brighten their day under this fine day.

At least he’s not doing it during the heat wave from the past few days. That would suck.
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[Compared to others, Kouki did not suffer any fatal injuries or got hurt too badly. His healing magic and the support of others kept him alive and strong throughout the draft. However, it didn’t mean he got out of it unscratched. There was one small but important casualty, which was quite minor in the grand scheme of things. But for Kouki, he cannot downplay its personal importance to himself.]

Kouki here. Does anyone here know how to fix a pair of broken headphones? If you do, I’d really appreciate it and would offer you either favours or food in return.

As for the headphones themselves... [He take them off his head, holding it in front of the journal’s small camera. Most of the dirt and dust was cleaned off, but there’s a very noticeable crack on it.] This is the one. If you’re up for fixing it, just respond here for details.
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[While he’s not as badly affected by the Valentine’s experiment, only embarrassed by how open he was. All in all, it’s not too bad. The only odd thing out was his feelings over being the former human Bel.

Kouki quietly push that thought aside to open up his journal. He have a few things to say, none of which are related to how he feels about that. Just some postponed things.

Hiro Kageyama went home. If you have any business with him, you’ll have to put them on hold.

[Which naturally leads up to...]

That means I’m currently open to and wouldn’t mind having new roommates to move in. My only requirements are that you don’t mind doing your share of the chores or don't have a problem with a pet cat around the place. [You know, in case someone’s interested but is tragically allergic to cats. Or plainly hate them, the horror.] Location-wise, I’m in community building seven. So if you’re interested, please let me know.

[Kouki’s not too interested in moving out, since CH7 isn’t that far from the plaza.]

For everyone else, got any favourite or most challenging enemies you’ve ever fought? I’m thinking of trying out new opponents in the Battle Dome.

[Hey, it’s been a while since he really let himself loose. It’s enough that a part of him almost wished to be drafted, but the young demon king keeps that thought to himself. Besides, he need a change of pace from slaughtering holographic angels.

And it's a good distraction to keep him from thinking how lonely the apartment feels.
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Some DeSu spoilers )

[By the time Kouki address the journals, his familiar cat ears-like headphones are on his head and his black wings are back.]

Okay, I’m back for real. [As some can probably tell from how he speaks and the lack of ye olde accent.] Kouki Wakahisa, back to normal from the experiment I was under for the past week. If you talked with me during that time, thanks for putting up with me.

[Now that’s out of the way, there’s something he want to ask. It’s something he’s been meaning to do and it would be a good distraction from the past week.]

[Filtered from Yotsuba | 90%]
By the way, does anyone know about spells for animating inanimate objects? I'd appreciate any info and help about it.
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[When he returned, a certain young demon overlord would seem almost unrecognisable at first. One such indicator was the lack of his trademark headphones. They’re still back in his apartment, previously dropped during that kidnapping last year. He’s also seemingly unaware of his now blue wings, like he used to have when he first arrived in Luceti a few years ago.

However, his behaviour was...odd, almost like a New Feathers, and his journal picked up on it without his notice.

I'm serious about that DeSu spoilers tag )
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[Back on the 28th, he returned near the end of the experiment from a mission. Out of worry, he tried to call Atsuro over the journals with a filter. When the filter broke, he knew what it meant.

Atsuro went home. Back to the human world, safe and sound from the dangerous war he’s leading and this world’s wars and experiments. Atsuro will be safe. ‘That’s all that matters.’ He repeated those words in his mind, but it never stopped the sense of loss and the growing anger he’s feeling.

He decided to wait until the experiment was over, so he can regather his thoughts and calm down inside his apartment in CH7. Even when he want to vent out his frustration at the Battle Dome, the experiment will surely piss him off.

It’s now the 30th, and he knew he should say something

Atsuro Kihara went home. If you have any business with him, you’ll have to put them on hold or I could do them in his place.

[He sounds almost impersonal, almost. He doesn’t want to show how affected he is by Atsuro’s departure. The King of Bel is above all of that, and so he slipped so easily into a demon king’s mindset to cope.

A few hours later, the journal starts recording again.

Kaname-san, can you please take care of my cat for me—don’t interrupt me!

[The sounds of fighting, along with the message, should paint a familiar picture. When the sounds die down and Kouki didn’t respond, it’s obvious. The droids have taken him.]
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Some DeSu spoilers in here )

For those who helped me my search during the experiment, thank you. I’m also here to let you know that “Abel” isn’t--[’his name’, but there’s one person in the village who do know him by that]--the name I normally use. I usually use “Kouki Wakahisa” or just “Kouki”.

[The human name he should’ve abandon, if the King of Bel’s back home. Not stuck in Luceti.]

And I seem to have picked up a lot of toy sheep during the experiment. It’s more than I want, so if anyone wants them, let me know.

[’So I can get rid of them.’]
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[DAY 1-4]

[It's another day in Luceti and Kouki is out and about!

Only...there's something different about him. The way he carry himself is different from his usual, casual way. It's more composed. And for people with senses, they can pick up on his unnatural mix of holy and demonic energies.

Oh, and the fact that his wings are now white and he's wearing a white cloak.

Despite that, he's seem calm, but he's really looking around and scouting.

[DAY 5-7]

[Well, Kouki's back to normal.

Just don't mind him teleporting all over the place.

Or teleporting and almost land on you.


[DAY 8-10]

[There's a young kid wandering around in a pair of familiar headphones, staring at people with wide eyes. Where's Naoya and Yuzu? But look at all of these people!]

(OOC: Messiah Kouki tags come from [personal profile] aholybel and bitty tags come from [personal profile] de_bel_kid!)
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[To anyone going towards the plaza, especially to those walking by the smithy toward to stores, they may notice something going on.

A large block of ice (courtesy of a Bufudyne spell), right on the patch of grass next to the smithy, and there’s Kouki and Fuuko working on sculpting it into a something...distinctively starfish-shaped. It’s more like Kouki is doing most of the work and Fuuko telling him to make it more “starfish looking”.

Later on in the day, they somehow finished it and sit down near the cool ice sculpture. The ice a large starfish.

Bringing out his journal, Kouki try to capture the sight with the journal’s small camera.

It took us a while, but we manage to make it! What do you think? A worthy starfish for everyone, right?

(OOC: Forward dated post to avoid the weekend’s heatwaves. Bother Kouki or Fuuko ([personal profile] starfishlovesyou) while they’re making the starfish or after they’re done! You can request one of them, both for a threeway or both in separate threads.)
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A long time ago, there’s a large, single nation of all humanity and they all speak a single language, the old language. There were no other nations, as they’re united as one society. All on Earth, one nation, one language.

And then they journeyed from the east, where they found a plain to dwell in. From there, they built a city to live in.

But then, they decided to build a tower with the ambition of the top reaching the heaven where God sit. However, God saw the tower and literally shattered the old language into many different kinds, so they can’t communicate with each other.

And that’s one possible reason why there are many different languages today on Earth.

[Then, his voice sound more casual and lighthearted.]

So what do you think? [If anyone can see it, there’s a small quirk of a smile.] Are they arrogant or just ambitious? What about God’s judgement? Justified or overreacting?

[And old story, one that might sound familiar to people depending on where they heard it from.]
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Halloween’s coming. Makes you wonder how this year will turn out. Who knows, we might do trick or treating.

[Tap, tap, tap. Judging from that dot on the journal page, before he continue writing.]

By the way, got any favourite fairy tales or legends? They don't have to be from your world. They could be something you discovered here.

[Yes, he just wrote that. Yes, he knows what he’s asking. No, he don’t regret it.

...That might be why he's writing this instead of just talking.
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Do you personally count your birthdays here in Luceti towards your age?

[Simply and casually, as if today isn't his birthday. Which he somewhat neglected to mention to people he knows. Some people may pick up on that fact from the question.

It's mostly because Kouki thinking on how Luceti usually treat 'time', when he notice the date. Which lead him to think of another point

I'm guessing that for people that grow taller, they'd probably shrink back to their 'normal' size if they return home.

[Not like he have to worry about that, personally. But he's rather curious on what other people think.

...Never mind that he's spending his birthday here, even if it's not the same as back home because of the war
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[By the time the experiment wears off for him, Kouki feel pretty bad. Terrible for how he acted around people he knows, those he consider as his friends.

It's really a reminder of his sense of self. A demon king that's still 'human', no matter what the rest of the world back home thinks. If that's taken away or is finally gone...]

I apologise to those I was rude to during the experiment.

[They know who they are.]

[Filtered to Minako Arisato | 90%]


[Filtered to Naoto Shirogane | 90%]

You're right.

[Filtered to Raine & Gelda | 80%]

I'm sorry for ditching school. I promise to catch up for the days I missed.

[While he was affected, he had thought going to school was beneath him and it meant interacting with others. Other 'worthless' humans. A similiar mindset most demons he command have, but dare not speak in his presence.]

(ooc: Before the Mu plot starts.)


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